Waste water treatment plant (WWTP)

  • Problem

Wastewater treatment becomes more important due to the amount of wastewater from industries is steadily increasing every year with the development of industries.

  • Our solution

Our service is more than just a wastewater treatment plant. It is also a water reclamation garden, educational facility, and beacon of sustainability that enables water reuse and allows for maximized development opportunities – particularly in urban areas where footprint and odor are significant concerns.

In 2007, Thai Hoa industrial park (THIP) invested and operated the centralized WWTP with the treatment capacity of 750 m3/day. According to First FMS’s plan, the WWTP will be upgrade capacity to 1,500 m3/ day to provide the best service to all tenants in Thai Hoa Industrial Park when the area occupies 95% of the area on middle of 2019