Maintainence and technical service

How to help all tenants business run smoothly day to day ?
♦ Our solution
a.   High Urgency- Complaints will be fixed or at least looked at the same day or same hour if necessary.
•   Structural Issues
•   Lack of Heat in winter
•   Lack of Hot Water
•   (Most) Leaks in the Property
•   Clogged Toilet
•   Smell of Gas
•   Lights Not Functioning in Common Areas and Hallways
•   Safety Issues Such as Doors or Windows that Do Not Lock Properly/Missing Locks
•   Walkways, Stairs, and Driveways Needing to Be Shoveled and Salted Immediately After a Snowstorm

b.   Moderate Urgency- Complaints will be fixed within 48 hours.
•   Appliances Not Working- If it is your responsibility to supply them to your tenants.
•   Clogged or Slow Shower or Sink Drain
•   Interior Light Stops Working- Not just the bulb burning out. The actual light fixture is not working.
•   Air Conditioning Not Working in Summer

•   Large Hole in the Wall

c.   Low Urgency- Complaints will be fixed within one week.
•   Cracked Tile
•   Grout Coming Up
•   Damaged Flooring That Does Not Create a Walking Hazard- Tear in carpet/stain in carpet/hardwood floor needing repair/saddle coming up
•   Running Toilet
•   Small Leak or Drip in Faucet
•   Cabinet Doors Off Their Hinges
•   Interior Apartment Doors Off Their Hinges/Door Not Closing Properly
•   A Draft
•   Minor Hole in the Wall
•   Molding or Trim Needing Repair