How to help tenants operate efficiently every day?
Our solution
1. Urgent issues: Complaints will be handled within the same day or upon receipt
Infrastructure issues
Lack of heating in cold season
Lack of hot water
Leaks in the tenant area
The toilet is clogged
There is a smell of gas
Lights in public areas and walkways are not working
Safety issues such as: the main door or window does not have a lock, or the lock is missing.
Paths, stairs, paths need to be cleaned up immediately after the storm
2. Ordinary urgent matters : Complaints will be handled within 48 hours of receipt.
The equipment and tools do not work: in the case of the responsibility to provide to tenants from the management of the industrial park.
The water is clogged or slow, or the sink is clogged.
The lights in the tenant area are not working. It is not simply that the electric light is burnt out, but specifically the lamp system that does not work.
Air conditioning system not working
The wall has a big hole in it
3. Low Level Urgent Issues : Complaints will be handled within 1 week of receipt.
Cracked brick
Cement mortar is peeling
Damaged floors make it dangerous to walk. Dirty, stained or damaged carpets need repair or replacement.
The toilet is flooded
Running Toilet
The valve tube is leaking or dripping.
Broken door hinge
Door can’t close
The wall has a small hole
Minor Hole in the Wall
The ledges need repair.