FirstFMS is founded by the owners of Thai Hoa Industrial parks to supplies all tennants with exclusive power, water and wastwater services. FirstFMS helps tenants in the industrial park to concentrate on their core activities by outsourcing utilities and services. This allows the businesses set up in the industrial park to expand their core activities at a much faster pace than their counterparts not located in areas without the same amenities.

We do believe that FirstFMS could be one of the perfect service provider for most tennants in industrial parks within the South Vietnam because of its FOUR main advantages: high technology, time saving, high quality and environment friendly.

With skilled and extensive experience technical teams, we are proud of our good services provided for clients and assure our responsibility for what we did.

Your properties, Our care !

a)     Vision:

To become one of the best infratructure development and management company with modern technology in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

b)    Mission

Client: to supply a complete package of HIGH TECHNOLOGY – TIME SAVING – HIGH QUALITY – ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY services to all tennants in industrial park within South Vietnam starting from 2018. With our efficient operation, Tennants can improve productivity and profits

Employee: will build up more value to all employees with an enjoyable and innovative working environment that leads to a loyal and high quality work force

Trade: will treat all suppliers/sub-contractors with high respect to cultivate as experience team


The company: will use all company’s resources with hard work to provide outstanding service quality to all clients.

c)     Why choose us?

FirstFMS is a leading company in Vietnam to provide comprehensive solutions for infrastructure management and devepment projects with morden technologies.

Nowadays, under the economic crisis, FirstFMS aims to help his clients to make use of the maximum value available during the total life cycle of its design products or works he delivers.

At FirstFMS, We guarantee four significant objectives for each of our services:

  • High Technology: All the services are offered in high-standard. Our management system is very flexible and high technology.
  • Time Saving:
  • High Quality:
  • Environmental Friendly: Our services takes place under controlled climatic conditions, facilitating the control of waste, emissions and noise levels.

At FirstFMS, we take our environmental responsibility seriously – through the whole process of our services.